4 x 20mm Countersunk 304 Stainless. Full thread. Qty 200.

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  • Brands SPAX
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SPAX multi-purpose screws are great for a range of projects from decking, cladding and timber construction. In 304 stainless steel they are safe to use outdoors and resistant to corroding even in coastal areas. Featuring the SPAX 4CUT point which reduces the need for predrilling and reduces the likelihood of splitting your timber. Also ground serrations on the thread make driving a breeze, and easier on your drill and its battery. The SPAX MULTI Head countersinks your screw and stops driving on metal. Combine all this with the T-STAR plus torx drive to prevent cam outs and you’ve got the best multi-purpose stainless steel screw on the planet.

Length 20mm
Bit size T-20
Head width 8mm
Material Stainless steel 304

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