Decking screws for aluminium joists

The SPAX decking screw for aluminium joists allows timber decking boards to be fixed to aluminium bearers.

44mm screw for boards up to 20mm thick.
48mm screw for boards up to 24mm thick.

How many screws do I need?

Use our Screw Calculator to work out how many & which screws you need.

The screws are A2 304 grade stainless steel and feature a T-Star Plus drive system. The tip point requires no predrilling of the aluminium and a solid double thread provides excellent grip in the joist.

Combined with the SPAX Air and the SPAX 5.2 drill, this is an entire system for ensuring the best quality and longest-lasting result for your deck.

Drive stop



For use with the SPAX timber to steel screw...


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