50mm 12G 316 Stainless Decking Screw. Qty. 100

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To achieve the vice effect that pushes the decking board down onto the joist this screw can’t be used on decking boards thicker than: 19mm

These screws are 316 stainless steel decking screws and can therefore be used in areas where direct salt water is in contact with the screw. They have extreme corrosion resistance and can even be submerged in sea water. Unlike other 316 stainless steel deck screws, Spax screws are made in Germany from virgin stainless steel and will not corrode. Many other 316 screws aren't really 316 grade and will corrode over time even with little salt water exposure.

The SPAX-D is the best decking screw on the planet. It uses patented technology to ensure your deck is of the highest quality and installation is as quick and easy as possible. Features include:

  • Upper thread pushes the decking board down onto the joist, for a lifetime firm hold
  • Ground serrations on the lower thread reduce the need for pre-drilling
  • Torx T-Star Plus drive means no stripping out the head
  • Threadless shank allows the timer deck and joist to be pulled together tightly

This will result in:

  • Much less chance of splitting timber during installation
  • No loose or creaking decking boards
  • Much quicker installation time, no snapped screws
  • No screws popping up in your deck
  • Attractive finish
Length 50mm
Maximum board thickness 19mm
Thread length 22.5mm
Bit size T-25
Head width 7mm
Material Stainless steel 316

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